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Kelly Marie Spiritual Medium

Do your loved ones in spirit have a message for you, or are you seeking clarity and guidance on your life's journey? Kelly Marie is a psychic medium and is now located at Tanya Wheatley Studios.


 Kelly Marie and Mediumship Readings

From a young age like many other mediums Kelly Marie had the ability to see, hear and feel things that others could not. As she developed into her adult years her gifts became stronger, and she quickly realized she had something incredibly special she could share with others.

After intense dedication to her craft Kelly Marie has developed concise communication practices with the spirit world to provide "evidential mediumship" readings to others. 


Kelly Marie likes to offer what is called  “evidential readings” . Kelly Marie has the ability to see, hear and feel spirit. When Kelly Marie reads for a client and communicates with their departed loved ones, Kelly Marie request spirit bring forward information that no one but the client would know.


A reading can give closure to certain issues pertaining to our life, and help with the healing process when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Readings can reassure us that life goes on after death, and provide validation that our loved ones are still very much a part of our life, even if we can't physically see them.


Kelly Marie offers face to face medium and psychic readings at Tanya Wheatley Studios, online and via phone.


Psychic Readings

One of our most common questions Kelly Marie gets asked is " What is the difference between mediumship and psychic readings?" To explain it in the most simplistic of terms, a mediumship reading connects with the spirits energy, and the reading is all about the loved one who has passed and is now in spirit. A psychic reading connects to your energy, past, present and future, and provides you with guidance to serve your highest good.

 Whether you feel stuck or unsure on how to move forward on certain elements in your life whether that be regarding career, finances, family, love, or health, Kelly Marie can empower you to make the decisions most beneficial to your life's path. If you have a particular issue or would jut like to check in with your souls journey than a psychic reading is for you.


Learn more about Kelly Marie 

To learn more about what you can you expect from a medium or psychic reading with Kelly Marie, click on the link below to be redirected to her website.

Your loved ones in spirit are ready, are you?

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