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Skin and Body Rituals 


Stunning rituals incorporating the latest techniques and meticulously formulated skin prescriptions ensure each treatment delivers skin targeting results, while receiving a slice of relaxation heaven.


Tanya Wheatley Private Hair & Beauty Spa uses Waterlily, Waterlily is an Australian professional exclusive Spa Collection of performance skincare and luxury rituals entwining phytonutrients and aromaceutical concentrates to deliver the ultimate aromatic sensory spa journey. 


Waterlily is an infusion of pure plant ingredients anti-ageing vitamins and exquisite sensory botanicals. Each formulation and spa ritual is a melting pot of organic botanical luxury. Concentrated formulations focus on delivering visible benefits with an emphasis on purity, efficacy and authenticity. Using only the purest of natural botanical ingredients to deliver not only beautifully luminous skin, but embrace a complete solution to Spa Wellness!


Wishing you a wonderful Spa journey.









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