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My name is Tanya, I'm the proud owner of our wonderful Hair & Beauty Day Spa. Pampering our guests is our, my passion. My goal is to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to all of our guests. By achieving this we help you clear your mind, body and soul, this will only not make you look great, but leave you feeling great as well.  At Tanya Wheatley Private Hair & Beauty Spa we take one guest at a time, so that your needs, wants & desires are the up-most importance to us. We personalize your treatments making sure when you leave you are feeling refreshed, indulged & confident to take on the world.  The thing I love about hair & beauty the most is the overall body benefits you will achieve, being able to deliver that to each and everyone of our guest is my purpose.  I am very lucky to have Maria in my team.  We can't wait to see you for your relaxing pampering service.








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     Hi everyone, my name is Maria (MJ), I'm a friendly and passionate beautician who is been working in the beauty industry for a long time before getting a proper certification here in Australia back in 2017.

At the age of 17 years old (now 31) I start my journey in this beautiful industry working as I nail Artist, pedicure, manicure and body waxing back in my country Venezuela.     Getting a proper Australian qualification in this field did help me to find my real passion and love for this industry, over the years I have not just improve my techniques making pretty nails work and body waxing but also give me the knowledge to improve skin concerns (facials), massage and best and all has make me to understand the I'm not just a beautician I'm a persona who has the beautiful and enjoyable job to make others happy and relaxed even if is just a few minutes or hours, I'm somebody who can hear them and help them through their beauty necessities.   I really can't express how happy makes me to see my clients walk out the room with a smile of satisfaction because their needs have been successfully attended.



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