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Beauty Product Range



"Waterlily is Australia's professionally exclusive Spa Collection of performance skin care and luxury rituals formulated to deeply nourish skin while delivering an aromatic sensory spa journey."  

The Waterlily skin care collection is enriched with cold pressed plant oils, molten nut butters, exotic fruit extracts, herbal infusions, marine nutrients, organic mineral clays, floral waters, anti-ageing vitamins and clinical grade essential oils.

Using only the purest of natural botanical ingredients blended using traditional artisan crafting techniques to ensure each luxe treatment and product transforms skin to offer beautiful luminous skin lifelong.



"Regenerative and corrective cosmeceuticals combining high performance actives, antioxidants and aromaceuticals to deliver superior results for a complexion that radiates confidence and youth."  

Years of consultation with naturopathic and nutraceutical industry partners sourcing bio-active delivery systems and potent innovative ingredients have resulted in a cutting edge cosmeceutical collection for visible results. 


Carefully curated clinically tested ingredients dispensed in effective concentrations have been captured in a blend of high performance phyto-actives, antioxidants and vitamins to combat photo damage, oxidative stress, redness, acne and premature signs of skin ageing.   

"From ingredient selection to product development our values reflect the emphasis we place on holistic, effective and sustainable practice."

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